Super Bowl Schmooper Bowl


If I were to write a blog about the Super Bowl it wouldn’t undoubtedly outline how the Broncos have the best offence and the Seahawks have the best defence and outline how each time Tom Brady & Peyton Manning meet in the playoffs the victor wins the at big show.  But every Bronco and his Seahawk has, or will opine about what an epic clash of top seeds this will be, I however have an alternative offering.

The story of this NFL has been one an almost countless number of injuries and some pretty substandard officiating. The story of the NFC has been of how fortunate the Seahawks have been to lose only 1 veteran player to injury for the season, wide receiver Sidney Rice was placed on IR on October 30th and how opposition offences have played right into their hands and afforded them the opportunity to make 28 interceptions during the regular season, I mean the Seahawks backfield has been dominant but somebody has to throw the ball for it to be intercepted.  Another reoccurring theme, though not just this season, has been Richard Sherman’s ungracious (at best) remarks.  During the 2012 season he bode farewell to Tom Brady as they left the field in Seattle with a rather unsavoury taunt of “You mad bro?” as the cornerback followed Brady off CenturyLink Field.  In last season’s playoffs Sherman taunted Washington Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams after the Seahawks beat the Redskins 22-14, Williams however chose not to ignore Sherman’s unnecessary goading like Brady did and hit Sherman squarely in the face starting an unsightly fracas.  Now all this maybe just be an oversensitive Brit mistaking good ol’ fashioned American “Trash Talk” as an affront to my old fashioned “airs and graces”, but here’s the kicker; Sherman is 1 of 6 Seahawks who have been found guilty of Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) offences since 2011, 4 of these players are play in the Seahawks much vaunted defensive backfield, Sherman along with fellow cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond and the free safety Winston Guy have all been banned, Browner for a year.  In June 2012 Sherman was even quoted as saying “it seems that way” when asked if the Seahawks had a PED problem, call me old fashioned but if I’d hope a player under such scrutiny and from a team under such a cloud would maintain a shred of humility.

That’s the main reason I’m not a huge Seahawks fan, here’s another Pete Carroll celebrates everything like it’s part of his master plan.  The Seahawks could have lost their previous 4 games, in actual fact they only lost 1 to divisional rivals the Cardinals.  Had Saints wide receiver Marques Colston stepped out of bounds and left the fancy passing stuff to his quarterback Drew Brees the Seahawks wouldn’t have progressed to the NFC Championship game and had the Rams who beat the Chicago Bears 42-21 arrived in Washington state instead of the “bad St Louis Rams” who appeared at CenturyLink Field in week 17 the ‘Hawks wouldn’t have finished top of the NFC West.  Without injuries to 2 of the 49ers most crucial players and some pretty mystifying officiating the 49ers would have been playing in the Super Bowl and not their northerly division rivals.

During the regular season the Broncos outscored the Seahawks by a total of 606 to 417 points and Peyton Manning is surely destined to equal his brother Eli’s number of Super Bowl rings.  But the Seahawks have managed to win games they’ve had no right to win over the last month and a half so I can’t see how they’ll lose this one.  I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Wes Welker “pick” Richard Sherman with the sort of vigour he showed on Aqib Talib though.

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