London Prices

I love London because there’s always something to do there, but I dislike London because these things often cost money, a lot of money! I’ve been going to London for about 30 years now and am therefore used to having to pay inflated prices for just doing stuff, so imagine my surprise when I was shocked at how expensive tickets for next year’s Rugby World Cup matches in London are. World Cup Final tickets start at £150 and I know nothing about organising a Rugby World Cup so I’m not even sure where to begin critiquing that line of pricing. There is 1 game being held at the Olympic Stadium where £20 tickets are available, but that’s to see France play Romania at 8pm on a Wednesday evening.
The cheapest tickets for any of the games being played at Twickenham are £50 and that’s France v Italy (maybe France should be offended by these prices?) if you want to watch England play in a game at their home RWC you have spend at least £75!
Anyway, back to my main point, there are plenty of things to do in London and many of them are far cheaper than tickets to the RWC will be;
1. Any number of concerts, rock legend Slash is playing Wembley Arena this year and tickets are just £43.75 (which is expensive, but remember the benchmark)
2. The NFL has found a home away from home in London’s Wembley Stadium, this year tickets can be bought for £37.50 or £45
3. Tennis is no longer just confined to a fortnight in the summer in the leafy suburb of Wimbledon. In November at the O2 arena the ATP tour finals take place and there are 6 different pricing bands of tickets that are cheaper than £50!
4. More tennis, the masters event has been happening in the Royal Albert Hall in December since1997 and to see such legends as John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg and doubles master Mansour Behrami you only have to shell out £35 (and it’s at the Royal Albert Hall, I mean I love Twickenham an all but there’s no roof or heating!!)
5. A 3 course meal at the 5 star Royal Park Garden Hotel is just £37.50, so you’ll have enough change from a crisp £50 note for a drink (2 if you’re lucky, it’s London remember)
6. Tickets for just about any show in a West End theatre would be cheaper than £50; tickets for Billy Elliot the musical are available for £19.50 if you don’t mind a matinee performance.
So, while I (and others like me, it’s not just me, honest) am constantly complaining about how expensive London is it’s not as expensive as the RWC organisers would have you believe.

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