AFC Divisional game 2 Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

If Peyton Manning was hoping to avoid the Colts after he ended his 13 seasons playing there then signing for Denver was a really bad idea. Tonight the Broncos play the Colts for the third time in the 3 seasons that Manning has played there, in the first 2 games the home team has come away victorious and 127 points have been scored in the 2 games, so expect this to be a defensive struggle.
Both teams follow the same basic principle, their Quarterback is good enough to beat most defences through the air and they are but the Broncos have provided Manning with a few more tools to help in his quest as the Broncos 12-4 record (compared to the Colts 11-5) will testify to. The biggest difference between the sides is that the Broncos defence in the top 10 when it comes to stopping both the pass and a run while the Colts have been quite staunch against passing offences but have been porous when it comes to stopping the run. Both teams have made 41 sacks so far this season while the Broncos have taken 18 interceptions the Colts have 12. The Broncos have an averaged an impressive 30.1 points per game and the Colts have averaged slightly fewer with 28.6. So it’s possible to see that there’s not much between the 2 teams, in the previous 2 meetings the winning margin was never over 7 points. When it comes to defending the run the Colts forced 14 fumbles in the regular season while Denver have forced just 7, the Broncos have given away far fewer on offence though with just 5 compared to the Colts league leading 15!
When 2 so closely matched teams meet it’s often the incidental things make the difference and the biggest factor at play here will be the fact that home advantage is key, the Broncos play 1 mile above sea level outdoors at Sports Authority field while the Colts are used to being indoors at their home stadium and not having to deal with wind or slippery grass and mud and the chance of snow that has been forecast for tonight. Manning and the Broncos should set up the game everybody loves against “Tom Terrific’s” Patriots to see when they sneak past his former team tonight, one thing’s for sure it’s going to be close, full of points and not without the occasional turnover.

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