Super Bowl XLIX

Controversy has reigned over both team’s build up to this game and to fully discuss who did or did not lower the air pressure of the balls used in the AFC Championship or to try and even contemplate why Richard Sherman thinks all neutral football fans will support a Seahawks team who have a very sketchy record of failed PED test’s in their recent history AND were fined $300,000 for conducting extra contact sessions during preseason would take aeons.
Statistics wise the Seahawks can boast the best running back in the postseason in Marshawn Lynch who has 216 yards on the ground at an average of 108 yards per game, the Patriots leading rusher LeGarrette Blount has just 149 yards (74.5 yards per game) but he does have 3 touchdowns in the playoffs, 2 more than Lynch. The Patriots have averaged a rather astonishing 40 points per game in the postseason and have the best receiver playing in this game in Julian Edelman who has 17 receptions for 172 yards, Danny Amendola and Tight End Rob Gronkowski are 2 of 3 players in the game with 2 postseason touchdown receptions, the third being the Seahawks Jermaine Kearse who only has 4 receptions in the playoffs but 2 of them have resulted in touchdowns! The Seahawks have instead relied on their defence to win them games all season and into January so while they have averaged 29.5 points per game they have only allowed 19.5 per game.
Bizarrely 2 players in the “greatest show on earth” have a perfect passer rating during the playoffs but neither of them are Quarterbacks, Seahawks Punter Jon Ryan has thrown 1 pass for a touchdown and Patriots receiver Julian Edelman (who Tom Brady says can do everything) has also recorded a touchdown pass although Edelman’s was a whopping 51 yarder compared to Ryan’s rather modest 19 yarder (but Edelman’s was thrown to fellow wide receiver Amendola whilst Ryan’s was caught by an Offensive Tackle). Another strange statistic is that both teams have only made 1 successful Field Goal during the postseason, there’s more than a reasonable chance that will change tonight since the “greatest show on earth” very rarely encapsulates the greatest game and this game will have a long way to go to live up to the tension of the NFC Championship game or to the point scoring of the Patriots AFC Divisional round game against the Ravens.
According to the numbers the Patriots should be able to score enough to prevent the Seahawks from becoming the first team to win back to back Super Bowls in a decade but anybody who saw just how terribly the Seahawks played in the NFC Championship game against the Packers knows that they have the strength of character to find a win in the most unlikely of places. Tom Brady will be desperate to win his 4th ring in his 15th year as a professional but there’s more than a chance that all the talk of “deflate-gate” has put unwanted pressure on a Patriots outfit who have been reminded of previous indiscretions. I’m going for a Seahawks victory but with Richard Sherman’s partner extremely close to going into labour, Kam Chancellor suffering an injury in Friday’s practice session and Earl Thomas suffering a separated shoulder in the NFC Championship game the “Legion of Boom” could be more like the “Legion of Gloom”.

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