NFL Sunday opinions

Theoretically I should try to say something intelligent here but I think we all know that would be presenting a false front. Instead I’ll just try and clarify a few abstract thoughts rattling around inside my head.

First up, the Dolphins – they must be toast, even just 2 games in they have all but announced they’re playing for the first pick in the 2020 Draft (poor Tua), which is slightly strange when you consider how Trevor Lawrence should be available in the 2021 Draft. Actually “tanking” in the NFL is pretty strange all the way round, trading any talent you have Draft picks almost makes sense in the NBA where 8 players can realistically alter the trajectory of a team but you need 52 to fill an NFL roster. So it appears an incredibly long process and considering the average NFL career is little over 3 years the Dolphins could be chasing their tails for perpetuity.

The Jets have reached a 2018 San Francisco 49ers number of injuries already this season so its incredibly difficult to judge how Adam Gase is doing in his new job (I mean, I personally lean towards it not going particularly well) since he’s on his 3rd choice Quarterback now and C.J Mosley who appeared to be the leader and organiser the Jets Defence needed at the start of the season got banged up in the first game and they’ve looked very wobbly ever since. With a total of 20 players featuring on their latest Injury Report they will definitely struggle until this storm has passed.

The Eagles have got 13 players on their Injury Report and if they weren’t playing the Lions you’d have to say they were behind the 8 ball this week. Doug Pederson is exactly the sort of person who could coach around an injury ravaged squad but the Lions look to be a team on the up to me. Matt Patricia seems to come for a lot of grief but he seems to have gathered together a Defence that he can work with and the 6 sacks they’ve managed in 2 games appear to point towards a team going forward. The thing about the Eagles is that Carson Wentz has an almost magical ability to avoid taking a sack, last week he threw a completed pass when his knee was about an inch off the ground! If the Lions Defensive Backs can cover the new Receiving corps the Eagles have due to their injuries this could be a very close game.

On the topic of unpopular team’s with an exciting defence the Bills finally get to play a game at home this season and after a 2-0 start to the season the atmosphere should be noisy to say the least. Against a Bengals team who have scored 37 points this season and conceded 62 the Bills should make it to 3-0 but if they don’t get off to a thunderous start then the Bills mafia may start to show their displeasure and the home advantage could quickly turn into a lot of angry people booing!

The Colts and Falcons will be very interesting, both teams won last week but neither team have looked comfortable so far this and they both have players who will be effected by injuries in this game. Adam Vinatieri could have a vital role in what could be an absolutely nerve jangling affair and I’ll be rooting for him purely because it’s always good to see people older than me playing and playing well! Hopefully the Colts will win a good game but I’m sure Frank Reich would take a scrappy win in the last seconds.

The Vikings host the Raiders in what could be a bit of a thrashing, but part of me thinks if there’s one game this week where something out of the ordinary could happen it may well be this one. Who knows which Kirk Cousins will turn up? Will Dalvin Cook be able to hoist the entire Offence upon his shoulders once more? Will the Raiders Defence be able to hold their opponents to 17 points or fewer as they have done so far this season? If Tyrell Williams is back and fit enough to sprint he could record some serious receiving yards against a Defensive backfield that has looked quite disorganised at times this season.

Chiefs v Ravens will be an interesting test for the Chiefs Defence, especially the Defensive front. They’ve recorded 4 sacks so far this season but if they can’t get into the backfield and disrupt Lamar Jackson this game might resemble an NBA game with both Offences scoring for fun and the Defences just there to watch.

Everything else looks pretty straightforward or involves teams with backup Quarterbacks playing so they’re very much wait and see games. Some of them could be very interesting but there’s usually an insurmountable difference between a starter and a backup.

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